Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Way Movies Should Be Watched

Most houses being built nowadays are equipped with "theater rooms". I think theater rooms are fabulous, but stylish, uh, no. The chairs that I've seen in such theater rooms are anything but stylish, honestly they are quite ugly. Not only are these theater seats ugly, but who really goes to a theater because the seats are sooo comfortable? I don't know about most people, but when I watch a movie at home, I want to be comfortable.

In Vegas a few years ago, I toured some model homes with my parents. There were some very cool floor plans, but the one thing I remember most was a theater room with the coolest sofas that were way comfy! They had a rattan base and a deep seat, very important for movie comfort. There were two of them, one in front of the other. The sofa in back was up on a platform, 10 to 12 inches high, so those in back could see over those in front. It wasn't a fancy room just very comfortable and stylish and probably way less expensive than theater seats.

I'm a bit picky about sectionals since I like modern sofas, but the European sofas have that modern line and the seat itself is deeper so there is more room for comfort and cuddling! I realize that theater rooms are designed for company, but sectionals are great for this as well. The sectional above would be perfect with just one more armless center piece added. The chaise at the end is just right for stretching out and cuddling and the curve of the sectional is also great for conversation. Another fantastic aspect to sectionals is that they can be pulled apart for separate conversation areas.

I am not saying that European sofas are the only option, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams make this really cool grouping called Dr. Pitt. This grouping is so versatile, the options are endless, but I love it as one big pitt! The seats are deep so it is quite comfortable no matter how arranged.
So now I know what I will furnish my indoor theater with, but I want an outdoor one for Summer too...hmmm, time for more research.

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