Friday, April 30, 2010


While the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the house, and probably the most fun to design, the master bedroom and bath are important for escaping the grinds of the day, and fun to design as well. While I do enjoy a bath from time to time, but if I had to choose between a shower or a tub, the shower would win. Showers just feel so amazing, bath water gets cold, a shower doesn't, unless you shower for an hour!

While quasi-camping in Cheyenne a couple of years ago, we went to the community center and used the pool showers. Granted, it was basically a locker room shower, not a shower room, but individual stalls. It was at that moment that I realized that I love open showers! The shower above is exactly what I want, it was featured on I love the openness of a shower without a door, just a couple of walls so it doesn't get drafty.

The other thing I love about showers is the tile to outfit them. I am currently obsessed with Moroccan Zillege (tiles). If Zillege were in my shower, I probably would spend an hour in there! The
colors of these tiles are so rich and the variations in shading is amazing. Sadly, I have not been able to locate Zillege in Colorado. I either have to travel to get them or start my own import company...hmmm?

About the same time I had my epiphany of open showers, I realized I want an outdoor shower as well. Something about the outdoor shower that reminds me of the beach. Being able to clean off the salt and sand between romps in the ocean, just makes the whole beach experience even betta. I also want an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor bedroom, an outdoor movie theater...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wall Decals

In a previous blog, the topic was art, "Art as the Heart". When a change is needed, a big change, like a whole new style, start with art. Art not only represents the color that you want in your home, your life, it also represents the style. Abstract for a modern style, impressionism for traditional or a combination of styles to feed my inner Bohemian. I can look for art for clients for color, but I want them to have the final say on content, they have to live with it, not me. But there comes a time when a change is needed and it can't wait for the art.

I have been working on a color story and furniture selection for a clients new home. The home is contemporary with a beautiful gray wood floor, so we are going with a beachy contempo style, beachy as in colors and feel, laid back and comfy. My client has a great wall for art, but no art to put on it. This is not one of those situations where I can wait for art to be the heart. Something has to be put up, all be it temporary, but something...WALL DECALS!

I had already planned on using a decal in my clients dining nook, but while searching for art for the living area, it hit me, use another decal. Decals come in a wide range of colors and styles, not to mention they are big enough to cover a good size area. They are visually appealing and they are temporary, or not.

There are a ton of websites with wall decals, I have listed a few that I really liked:, (the decal above is from Z), (great phrases and graphics, love the Chinese symbols), (decals and ART, great website!)

If you want a change and you don't know where to start, start with art. If you want an immediate change without an investment...throw on a decal!

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