Monday, June 29, 2009

DIY, Who Knew!

I am making a padded headboard for a client, so I was of course doing some research online. I found myself on DIY Network and holy moly, it's freakin awesome! Not only did I find a couple different sets of instructions for the headboard, but there are tons of other things, like how to build a pergola!

The pergola instructions will come in handy some day. I think a couple of pergolas would be fantastic additions to Mom and Dads future home. Pergolas are such a basic addition to a patio either draped with a cool string of industrial lights or a beautiful Wisteria. I haven't met a Wisteria that didn't love a pergola. The directions look so simple, even I could make it!

The next article was "Top 10 Uses for Vinegar". I know I can't make vinaigrette without it, but what else does it do? Well, it's pretty powerful stuff, but you'll have to read the uses yourself. It's crazy to think that we actually consume this multi-tasking liquid, but hey, after eating a salad, your insides will be clean and mildew free, but they didn't provide any vinaigrette recipes?

Truly, the DIY Network site is amazing, whatever you want to do , you will most likely find it here! You can get instructions for installing a chair rail, hardwood floor, lay a brick paver patio, deck stairs, build a stone fire pit...I love it! A definite reference.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Baaack!!!

Wow, I cannot believe that I have not blogged in almost 3 weeks. Sooo sorry, I have been a bit consumed with some things, but I'm back baby!

I took a long weekend for Fathers Day and went home to Bayfield, a small town in Colorado near Durango. Other than hangin with the fam, I did do some work. Mom and Dad are building a house. We have only been working on the plans for about 2 years now, but who's counting? I drew up the initial plans and they have finally taken them to an architect for the final drawing, woo-hoo!

I have to admit it has been a little trying at times making everyone happy. I of course have been the voice for Mom, which is hard since I am a clone of Dad. I had to convince him that the garage needed to be near the kitchen and pantry so she would not have to schlep the groceries through the house. We split the difference, two garages. I mention this because things often get over looked when planning a house.

I spoke of this in an earlier blog; builders placing the fireplace right next to the built in t.v. cove. There are too many builders who are given say 2,000 sq. feet to make a house without any thought of how a person lives. I recently had a client with a decent size great room. I wanted to pull the sofa from the wall so the conversation area would be a little more cozy. It worked, until I saw the lamp cords stretching from the end tables to the wall.

I am very excited to see that we are nearing the final stages of the of the plans for Mom and Dad's home. I am also very excited that my turn to design the interior is about to begin, but man, I have a lot of little details awaiting me. Not only the style details, but the technical details as well, like outlets in the floor! This is why my former instructor rode me on the technical stuff, thanks Lori! I am very excited to help create Mom and Dad's dream home, and if I happen to get published...let's just say that's my dream.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Taking the "Out" out of Take Out

The other night I hosted a little movie night for
someone special
. I was planning on making
Lo Mein and was thinking about which dishes to use. Since it was a "movie" date, I wanted to be able to eat while watching the movie, so bowls were of course the way to go. I have several different pasta bowls, but none that were really Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein bowls, then it hit me, take out boxes!

I went to Cost + World Market, they had a package of seven boxes for $6.95 that just happened to be 50% off! If I didn't buy the package of boxes, they would have been 99 cents a piece, still a great deal. I was so excited with my purchase that I couldn't wait to serve dinner. Since I found these fabulous boxes in the "dish" area, I didn't even think about them being food safe, well, they are not. Not to worry, another wonderful use for parchment paper. I cut a couple squares of parchment paper and lined the boxes. The paper made them even cuter, they looked like little presents!

The boxes were ready, dinner was ready and I was more than ready to eat. I have to say I will never eat from a ceramic dish ever again on movie night. You hold the box in one hand (trust me, hands were made to hold take out boxes) your chopsticks or utensil in the other, and walaa, instant party! The party thought really got me to thinking, take out boxes would be great for a party. You don't have to serve Chinese in take out boxes. Chips, salads, pastas, smashed potatoes, whatever! Pre-package the food in parchment paper so all your guests have to do is throw the used paper out and grab a new little package of yum, and so on and so much as I love food, I love it even more when it is fun, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I don't know what it is about fabric, but I love it, lots and lots of it! When it comes to window coverings I generally stick with grass and bamboo shades, love the texture, but every now and then certain rooms need impact. A dining room, a living room or a master bedroom for instance, can take the impact and drama of ceiling to floor curtains that puddle like it's been raining for days. Yes, the puddles outside influenced today's blog.

While the canopy above the bed is a wonderful focal point, this bedroom is very simple but elegant. You could have a room that is virtually empty, a couple pieces of necessary furniture, lighting and honestly accessories aren't really needed when you have fabulous curtains. Even if you don't have 20 foot ceilings, hang curtains as high as possible and let them puddle. The amount of light you want to enter the room will determine the kind of fabric to use. I personally prefer velvet for the drama, but it really depends on your style and the look you are trying to achieve.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Palm Springs

I was perusing through the May 2009 "Metropolitan Home" today. In the WORD section, they recommended this amazing looking hotel, Ace Hotel & Swim Club. I was immediately drawn to the picture, the room is just so cool looking! The walls between the bedroom and sitting area are huge canvas curtains. Okay, the rooms look amazing, but it is Palm Springs. One would expect to pay upwards of at least $500 a night for a cool pad in P.S., but nooooo...doubles start at $89!

The other thing that is drawing me to this place is the fact that it is a transformed vintage Howard Johnson. One of my dreams has always been to revamp an old 50's-60's motor lodge. You know the kind, single story, out in the middle of nowhere, with Norman Bates checking you in. My motel would be so swanky, a totally destination spot, a complete joy to stay in. A place to take one back in time...

I went to Palm Springs for a friends bachelorette weekend about 10 years ago. We stayed at The Orchid Tree Inn, one of the coolest places ever. It was a retro style bungalow with the pool right outside the back door. You couldn't help but think about the good ole days when Palm Springs was the hot spot for Hollywood stars to escape. The landscaping on the grounds was very lush, with lots of orchid trees, which made for a nicely secluded destination. Sadly enough I just read online that the The Orchid Tree Inn is no more. Hopefully somebody will purchase and re-vamp the fabulous bungalow, hmmm, that gives me an idea!

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