Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Colazione da Tiffany"!

Okay, I have been seriously lagging on my blog duties, please accept my apologies. I promise to do better, at least three a week, but I would prefer to do four, be patient.

This past weekend was absolutely, hmmm, how should I put it, let's just say "not great". The weather in Colorado was cold, windy, wet and my heart was hurting, so what is a girl to do...watch "Colazione da Tiffany", I love the way it sounds in Italian! I really am not a chick-flick chick, except for "Breakfast at Tiffanys". So, since I had a case of the "mean reds" this weekend, I had to watch it!

Audrey Hepburn was one of the most glamorous ladies and she did it without even trying. It of course didn't hurt that she wore one of the greatest Couturiers of all times, the king of fashion Givenchy, but she could wear a sheet (she did actually) and still look fabulous! The movie takes place in the early 60's, when fashion was lady like, interiors were swank and cocktails flowed freely!

Holly's apartment was very sparsely decorated, but it was still stylish. She had a zebra skin rug, a shipping crate for a cocktail table and a bathtub for a settee. Wait, a what for a settee? Yes, a bathtub, with stunning silk pillows, they were actually pink in the movie, not sure what happened to the color in the above photo. The reason why her apartment was so stylish was that she had furnishings that made an impact and no clutter.

Now Paul Baby's, a.k.a Fred, apartment was the complete opposite. His "decorator" decorated his in rich manly colors, damask wallpaper and a lot of gilded pieces. Not quite the apartment for a bachelor in 2009, but in 1961 it was pretty damn cool.

The weekend is over, the weather is still crappy, my heart is bruised, but my home is my Tiffanys, cheers darlings!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello Summer!

Even though it is technically still Spring, my thermometer on the patio says 90! I love it, I love it, I love it! Why is it that everything is better in Summer? Now don't get me wrong, there are great things for every season, but to me, Summer is the best. I love how life pretty much moves outside. I purchased plants for my patio today, happy pansies, snapdragons (a childhood favorite), geraniums and Summer wouldn't be Summer without HERBS!

I realize that herbs are available at the grocery store, but nothing beats going outside and picking them fresh. I love all herbs, but basil is my absolute favorite. Tossing fresh basil in a pasta dish, on a sandwich or whipping up a batch of Pesto, makes it the herb of summer.

Rosemary is my next must have herb. It is amazing in marinades for chicken, salmon and shrimp. It is superb as a steak rub combined with lemon zest, olive oil and garlic. As much as I love smashed potatoes, there is nothing like grilled potatoes with rosemary in the summer.

Once the flowers and herbs are planted and the grill is cleaned and ready to go, the only thing left is the lighting on the patio. I have a small bistro set so candles on the table don't always fit, but the patio light just kills the ambiance, so...string lights! I think it is so cool how many different styles of string lights that are available. The small Chinese paper ball lanterns just scream garden party! I make my own lights for my patio. Just a simple string of clear Christmas lights with silk flowers attached dresses up my patio and keeps the light soft and um, maybe a little romantic ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bond...fabulous Bond

As much as I love Mr. Connery as my favorite Bond, credit for the incredible set design must go to Ken Adam. The style of design in the first Bond film, "Dr. No" is simply amazing, a little something for everybody. The hotel room that James stayed in was simple, modern and classy with Scandinavian furniture.

favorite interior was set in the little Bungalow in the hills of Jamaica. It had a lot of Asian influence with bamboo and grass with incredible plank floors. It was simple anMy d cozy with a few elegant lady touches.

Now we shall enter the lair of Dr. No. I have to say that if I had to be held hostage by a crazy, diabolical billionaire on a beautiful island...uh, I would choose Dr. No! Yep, I could handle a bedroom with a silk wraparound headboard, not to mention wearing cute Mandarin tops!

This set was quite elegant with a punch of nature, it was built inside a rock! The living/dining area is very open, which lends to the modernism of the early 60's.

So movies are not only entertain, they inspire. Whether you are inspired to be a suave secret agent or sexy, strong damsel in slight distress, oh sorry, I digress. Movies are also terrific for design inspiration.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Boudoir

I was going through one of my favorite books today for a little inspiration for a clients bedroom, it's called "Boudoir". My client already has some fabulous mirrored case goods, but does not have a headboard, well not for long! I came up with a couple of great ideas, but it will have to remain a secret until the project is done, then I will share with pictures!

While getting lost in some beautiful pictures, it reminded me that the bedroom really is a sanctuary. The bedroom may be decorated in the same style as the rest of the home, but why? This is an opportunity to make this space personal. This is the room that you dream in, why not make it your dream room?

A bedroom may be a "secret garden", decorated with vintage floral fabrics and furniture. A bedroom may be a "tranquil spa", decorated very minimally, almost hotel like. Personally I think one of the best ideas for a bedroom is to decorate it with furnishings, accessories and colors of a favorite foreign destination where every night could be a vacation, now that's a dream no one could pass up!
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