Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Validation

I was doing my "research" today and I came across an article that seemed familiar. The article was about wall and trim color combos, something I blogged about not long ago. I find validation in the fact that my feelings regarding "non-white" trim are shared by many top designers, yea for me!

In the August 2009 issue of "House Beautiful", the color section is all about colored trim instead of white trim with colored walls. I am not a fan of white trim unless a room has a good amount of white in it, such as furnishings or accessories. The colors the designers used for different projects ranged from the grey/blue walls with brown trim, as shown in the top photo, to a red-on-red combination used in a library. A room looks and feels finished when the trim is done in a contrasting color or in the same color family as the walls.

Something else mentioned in the article seemed familiar as well. The designer who did the bathroom shown above, bought the painting first, something I like to do and the topic of another blog. There is also a chandelier, again, another topic I have blogged about...see where I'm going here. Even though my work hasn't been published, yet, it is good to know that my creative mind is on par with top notch designers. While I have never questioned my approach to design, validation, well, let's just say, me likey!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Boy...

Just so you know, this particular blog has nothing to do with interiors or style....

I started volunteering at the Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR), two years ago this month. Those who know me well, know that I love animals. CHR takes in horses for many different reasons. Some horses have been loved and taken care of by their owners, but do to economical reasons, they can no longer take care of these horses and surrender them to CHR. Unfortunately there are horses that come to CHR because they were not taken care of. Horses that have been neglected and abused. When a horse arrives at CHR, they are treated with nothing but respect and showered with unconditional love.

I remember when I first met Ledger when he arrived at CHR in late Winter. I remember the halter strap marks that were scarring his face from a halter that was too small for a growing boy, he wasn't quite 2 years old yet. Ledger was rescued by Animal Control. His living conditions were bad, very bad. He was kept in a small dark stall with two other horses. The thing that I find amazing is that you never would have known what this boy went through before he came to CHR. Ledger was so loving, sweet and most important of all, trusting. He obviously did not hold a grudge, even after he was gelded. I remember having to exercise him after is "procedure". I felt horrible for him, but exercise is necessary to keep the swelling down, so to ease the guilt I ran around the pen with him instead of making him go it alone.

We have had a horribly stormy Summer here in Colorado, and today was no exception. Around 3:45 in the afternoon today, Ledger was struck by lightening. My heart is heavy, but the joy that Ledger brought to my life will never, ever, be forgotten...Goodbye Sweet Boy...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meant to be a Stylist

I was doing some research today, yes, looking through magazines, but hey, it is part of my job! As with many things in life, I get so excited just looking at many, many different styles and designs. I have never been officially diagnosed with ADD, but those who know me would vouch that I probably have it, peppered with a healthy dose of hyper, neither me nor my brain can sit still. Having now diagnosed myself, I know I was meant to be an Interior Stylist.

I love looking at different styles and design, my brain immediately goes into overdrive creating, even if I'm not working on a project! I am all about mixing styles, but of course it is ultimately up to the client whether I mix or not. Some people think that a house should have the same style throughout, oh contraire! One room may be traditional while another is modern, but by adding and mixing styles, a home becomes more interesting and alive. A combination of styles will make the home blend and flow from room to room.

I have never taken one of those personality tests that tells one what career they are best suited for when they grow up, honesty I'm scared of what it would suggest. I am passionate about interior design. I love being hired to create and create is what I do. Creating a style plan that will transform a house into a stylish and comfortable home excites me. The side of hyper is just an entertainment bonus for the client!

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