Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Accessorizing the Home

Accessories are just as much a finishing touch to a home as they are to an outfit. Depending on the home, and the outfit, too many can kill the look. Co Co Chanel was right, take one accessory off before leaving the house, the same rings true for the home.

Different interior styles call for different accessories. A Bohemian interior will certainly have more accessories than say a contemporary modern interior. In this blog I will focus on the latter.

With the cleaner lines of a contemporary interior, clutter is a definite no-no. Accessories are minimal, randomly placed, not likely in clusters. In order to pull this off, items used to add some flash or pop to a room, are statements in and of themselves, generally larger pieces that do not need a supporting character to help them tell a story.

I am really loving the Empire State Building. It is actually

a Meccano Erector Set, yes an
erector set, you build it! It is
available through the It stands 24"
high and would look fabulous on
a cocktail table, console,
credenza, etc., etc.

This beautiful vase was made by

artisans in El Salvador, it is
available from
The delicate flowers surrounding
the vase are formed from wire. This piece would be at home in either
a Bohemian interior or a contemporary one.

I once wrote about how artwork is an investment, not that it has to be expensive, but something that you love. Something that represents you and your home. Accessories like artwork, are focal jewels of a room. When you have a piece that speaks for itself, like the two above, a supporting cast is definitely not needed.

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