Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sexy Interiors

Even though it is cold, grey and pretty much just blah outside, sexy interiors are on my brain as well as other designers. Now let me just stop you before you get certain images in your head, I am not talking about a particular room from "Pulp Fiction" here. The idea of sexy is definitely going to vary from person to person. Why just this morning I found an amazing paint color for a special client and my exact words to him were "it's sexy". It isn't red. It isn't black. It is blue, actually "tranquil blue", from Benjamin Moore. Sexy isn't an outfit or furnishings and accessories, it's an attitude, a way of life. Sexy to me is comfortable. The "tranquil blue" fits my client, and his surf prints.

As I said, I am not the only one with sexy interiors on the brain. In the The Last Words section of the Dec/Jan issue of "House Beautiful", two other designers shared their thoughts on what is ahead for interior decor in 2010. Milly de Cabrol said, "People want to feel cozy and sexy." "I see dreamlike, very sensual, non-cluttered rooms..." as stated by Myra Hoefer. I couldn't agree more with both.

There are many different styles and ideas of what is sexy. I think 60's Hollywood glam is sexy with velvet, mirrors, glass, a shag rug, some gilded pieces, but that's not an everyday sexy. I think beachy relaxed is sexy with the textures of grass, bamboo, some rustic wood. Combine 60's Hollywood and beachy relaxed a'la Tony Duquette for "Dr. No" and you get everyday sexy. Everyday sexy is about comfort. It has to feel like a second skin, or a comfy t-shirt and flip flops. A home where one can just be, that is sexy.

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