Monday, December 12, 2011

found: {stunningly beautiful} bohemian winter,

 I love, love, love the ethereal meets cool style of the Bohemian Winter Lookbook at  The looks alone leave me speechless, but the set for the photo shoot is absolute perfection as well...

My days have been busier than normal lately, a GREAT thing, but I will do my best to post some daily stylish tid-bits.


  1. Oh dear, I had not seen that yet, how is that possible? So me, too!

  2. These outfits would work perfectly for Auckland's mild winter - alas, summer's just begun!

    Andrea x

  3. Erika, I was wondering if you had seen this fabulousness ;0)I'm for sure getting the boots!

    Andrea, so jealous of your summer about to begin...and your mild winters, too cold in Colorado for fairy princess dresses =(


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