Friday, November 9, 2012

beauty scoop...tiss the season for dry hands

Starting in October, and really not ending until maybe June, Colorado is dry, dry, dry.  The upside to a dry climate winter is that the cold isn't as cold as it is in a humid climate, but the downside is that hands turn to sandpaper...until NOW!
I purchased this bottle of glycerine on a whim, I am a self admitted beauty junkie; yes, "I have an addiction Sir".  It cost less than $6 for 16 oz. and it is worth millions!  I tried it on my feetsies about a month ago.  It is not oily, more like a little sticky, so after applying I slept in socks.  Aside from the super softening and moisturizing benis, glycerine is water soluble, so it washes off easily.
This week I have been battling dry hands and for extra irritation, a cracked thumb.  I decided last night to try the glycerine on my hands.  I say try because my hands were crazy dry and I wasn't sure if the glycerine would be powerful enough.  Ha, I feel like such a fool for doubting its super powers. A dime size amount of glycerine + spa gloves worn overnight = sandpaper hands that are now able to caress a Pashmina without so much as a tug!

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