Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bond...fabulous Bond

As much as I love Mr. Connery as my favorite Bond, credit for the incredible set design must go to Ken Adam. The style of design in the first Bond film, "Dr. No" is simply amazing, a little something for everybody. The hotel room that James stayed in was simple, modern and classy with Scandinavian furniture.

favorite interior was set in the little Bungalow in the hills of Jamaica. It had a lot of Asian influence with bamboo and grass with incredible plank floors. It was simple anMy d cozy with a few elegant lady touches.

Now we shall enter the lair of Dr. No. I have to say that if I had to be held hostage by a crazy, diabolical billionaire on a beautiful island...uh, I would choose Dr. No! Yep, I could handle a bedroom with a silk wraparound headboard, not to mention wearing cute Mandarin tops!

This set was quite elegant with a punch of nature, it was built inside a rock! The living/dining area is very open, which lends to the modernism of the early 60's.

So movies are not only entertain, they inspire. Whether you are inspired to be a suave secret agent or sexy, strong damsel in slight distress, oh sorry, I digress. Movies are also terrific for design inspiration.

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