Monday, May 4, 2009

The Boudoir

I was going through one of my favorite books today for a little inspiration for a clients bedroom, it's called "Boudoir". My client already has some fabulous mirrored case goods, but does not have a headboard, well not for long! I came up with a couple of great ideas, but it will have to remain a secret until the project is done, then I will share with pictures!

While getting lost in some beautiful pictures, it reminded me that the bedroom really is a sanctuary. The bedroom may be decorated in the same style as the rest of the home, but why? This is an opportunity to make this space personal. This is the room that you dream in, why not make it your dream room?

A bedroom may be a "secret garden", decorated with vintage floral fabrics and furniture. A bedroom may be a "tranquil spa", decorated very minimally, almost hotel like. Personally I think one of the best ideas for a bedroom is to decorate it with furnishings, accessories and colors of a favorite foreign destination where every night could be a vacation, now that's a dream no one could pass up!

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