Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Validation

I was doing my "research" today and I came across an article that seemed familiar. The article was about wall and trim color combos, something I blogged about not long ago. I find validation in the fact that my feelings regarding "non-white" trim are shared by many top designers, yea for me!

In the August 2009 issue of "House Beautiful", the color section is all about colored trim instead of white trim with colored walls. I am not a fan of white trim unless a room has a good amount of white in it, such as furnishings or accessories. The colors the designers used for different projects ranged from the grey/blue walls with brown trim, as shown in the top photo, to a red-on-red combination used in a library. A room looks and feels finished when the trim is done in a contrasting color or in the same color family as the walls.

Something else mentioned in the article seemed familiar as well. The designer who did the bathroom shown above, bought the painting first, something I like to do and the topic of another blog. There is also a chandelier, again, another topic I have blogged about...see where I'm going here. Even though my work hasn't been published, yet, it is good to know that my creative mind is on par with top notch designers. While I have never questioned my approach to design, validation, well, let's just say, me likey!

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