Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meant to be a Stylist

I was doing some research today, yes, looking through magazines, but hey, it is part of my job! As with many things in life, I get so excited just looking at many, many different styles and designs. I have never been officially diagnosed with ADD, but those who know me would vouch that I probably have it, peppered with a healthy dose of hyper, neither me nor my brain can sit still. Having now diagnosed myself, I know I was meant to be an Interior Stylist.

I love looking at different styles and design, my brain immediately goes into overdrive creating, even if I'm not working on a project! I am all about mixing styles, but of course it is ultimately up to the client whether I mix or not. Some people think that a house should have the same style throughout, oh contraire! One room may be traditional while another is modern, but by adding and mixing styles, a home becomes more interesting and alive. A combination of styles will make the home blend and flow from room to room.

I have never taken one of those personality tests that tells one what career they are best suited for when they grow up, honesty I'm scared of what it would suggest. I am passionate about interior design. I love being hired to create and create is what I do. Creating a style plan that will transform a house into a stylish and comfortable home excites me. The side of hyper is just an entertainment bonus for the client!

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