Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Design Takes TIME

I recently read "10 Interior Design Trends for 2010", online from SFGate.com. It echoed the same fact that I and others in the design world feel is not always understood, GOOD DESIGN TAKES TIME. I do enjoy the shows on HGTV, there are some great ideas to absorb, but...changing a house structurally or adding paint, changing furniture, etc., does NOT happen within a week, let alone days, in the real world. Oh yeah, and it costs money too!

I am a one person team. I do all the research and shopping myself. When a client hires me, they have an idea of what style they want, and that's what I do, I create the style THEY want. Yes, this does take time. I research and shop until I find the perfect color, the perfect chair, the perfect lamp, etc. Not only does an item have to be perfect for the style of interior, but it has to fit my clients budget as well, this is when editing comes into play.

I will keep watching HGTV, and so should you, just keep in mind that you; nor I or any other designer, decorator or stylist, are not Samantha Stevens. We cannot wiggle our noses and poof, produce a fabulous room, plus it would get boring after a while. Half the fun, not to mention the pride, of creating an interior is the research and shopping, it is what makes a home unique. Patience my friends, patience.

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