Thursday, February 18, 2010

And the Oscar goes to...

In The Last Words section of the November 2009 "House Beautiful", designers were asked about movies that have inspired some of their creations. I too think movies are great for inspiration. I will never forget the red foyer in the drama/thriller with Kevin Spacey, "Consenting Adults". Then of course my fondness/obsession for the set design from the early Bond movies, but other movie favorites include Hitchcock. There is no denying that the costume design for the Hitchcock heroines was amazing, I would give anything to be Lisa Carol Fremont for a day, Grace Kelly's character from "Rear Window." But the Hitchcock movie that wins my set design award is hands down "Rope."

"Rope", like "Rear Window", took place in an apartment, but unlike "RW", there are no street or court yard scenes, Hitchcock was truly brilliant. I will not tell you the plot of "Rope" because you have to see the movie, definitely one of my favorites, but I will tell you about the design. The movie takes place in the 60's, so the design is Mid-Century Modern. There is a great mix of styles, ornate Louis type side chairs, a grand piano, an old Old Italian sarcophagus and my favorite piece, the contemporary sofa.

Not only is the color an amazing classy mint green, but the fact that this thing goes the length of the wall of windows, I freaking love it! The style is so simple yet glam and it looks comfortable. I realize it isn't the best design for a conversation grouping, but it definitely works for a one on one Tet e Tet. Probably the best feature is the view one gets when sitting in it, sideways of course, but it just oozes cool. I just love the simple, laid back, mid-century glam that this room evokes.

A little tid bit I never knew until I downloaded this pic...Alfred Hitchcock had a cameo in all his movies, except this one? Wrong, that his is famous caricature in red neon, to the right of the horse. Cool huh!


  1. Hi, great post, I was admiring the sets the other day when this was on TV and wanted another look at the sofa - I'd love to find one to go against my long window! One point, the film was made in 1948 so it couldn't be 1960s, but I understand your mistake, it definitely had a mid-50s - early-60s feel to me, too. I guess they were just so fashionable that most normal homes were only catching up with this look 10 years later! Other things to note; there is a table behind the sofa where they stash their plates, it does look a little awkward but they couldn't have had a coffee table in the way with those long takes; and the colours on the walls in the hall and living room are just exquisite, with lovely pieces of art, I'm not much for the trompe l'oeil in the hall but that was probably fashionable.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for the correction, I can't believe this is one of my favorite movies and I didn't know it was from 48! I agree, I too am not a tromp l oeil fan, but man that "apartment" was stylish!

      Tamara, Bella Boho


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