Tuesday, November 9, 2010

style board: glam cabin

Winter has finally arrived which makes me think of a cabin with a fabulous fire roaring in the background and even though I am a Colorado Native, I'm not really a cabin kinda gal, unless... the cabin has a bam of glam! Cabins are most certainly cozy, but why can't they have a bit of glitz?

My cabin would be a fabulous balance of both, cozy with the help of the "Bridal Rug" sofa, felt petal pillows, worn leather chair, rustic table and fabulous lantern with warm, exposed light. The glitz n glam would come from the gilded "stump", exquisite rug, lovely pouf and the creme de la creme, mirrored screen (to hide my work stuff). Bring on the wine and fondue!

Would this cabin suit you?

Items used in this style board:

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