Wednesday, June 1, 2011

greetings from the garden: pansies and violas

While visiting the family this past weekend, I was lucky enough to make a trip to Bayfield Gardens (hands down, they have the best pansies in Colorado) to purchase my favorite container flowers; the lovely, quaint and oh so fragrant pansies and violas...yes, fragrant. Forget roses, stop and smell the pansies!

I also stopped by the garden at Buster's, and things are popping up nicely (now that the sun has decided to make an appearance) but nothing is popping up quite like the volunteer cilantro. There are hundreds of lil cilantro babies! Excited for all the salsa, ceviche, pesto, stir-fry, fish tacos, breakfast burritos...

1 comment:

  1. uuummm.. debating on wanting the food or the flowers!
    fun post!
    Gypsea Nurse


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