Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tuesday's treasure: urban cool, vogue living may/june 2009

Today's hip, sexy and oh so stylish interior, is one of the penthouses at the Establishment Hotel (formerly known as Ivy) in Sydney...

the interior is so swanky, I think a wardrobe of vintage Halston should be included with ones stay!

I never met a wall of 1x1's I didn't love...

Not a lot of commentary with this one, the photos speak for themselves.


  1. Very cool! That tub, that sofa, that amazing stair stepped pool!

  2. Fabulous images! That nightstand is so cool :)

  3. Oooooh!!! Yes totally agree, vintage Halston all the way. Tres sexy. LOVE Sydney.

  4. Very cool indeed Lissa!

    Hi Chantal! Diggin the nightstand as well. I'm all about the unexpected.

    I thought you might agree with the Halston Miss Erika ;)

    Tamara, Bella Boho


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