Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alternative Wall Treatments

I was doing some creative research today for a client and came across some tear sheets for wall treatments. The first photo is of a collage of wallpaper samples. I believe this is a fabulous treatment for a small wall, such as an entry wall or a single wall in a bedroom, craft room and I can't think of better way to sass up a utility room! I especially think that this treatment would be great in a bathroom, but moisture could be an issue, but in a 1/2 bath, too cute!

This collage is something that I am planning on doing with cartoons from "The New Yorker" magazine. There are so many things that can be used in a collage, photos, vintage seed packets, botanical prints, you name it. One of my favorite pubs in Durango, Lady Falconbourghs (forgive me if I butchered the spelling!) did a collage of beer labels. I very time consuming labor of love performed by the original owners.

The wall treatment in the bedroom shown on the right, is a collage of postcards, another very cool idea!

One of my favorite wall treatments is tile. There are some amazing tile companies doing some beautiful mosaics. These mosaics range from modern geometric designs to beautiful florals, they are absolutely stunning. The thing I love most about tile, is that it does not have to be used in just kitchens and baths. Anywhere there is a wall and you want to make a statement, use tile!

Obviously, mosaics are not the only tile option, larger tiles are a wonderful as well. The green tiles below behind the credenza/bar, are an Asian inspired design from Walker Zanger.

The mosaic wall below is a prime example of using tile outside the kitchen and bath. It is such an unexpected change from paint and wallpaper, talk about texture! One of my future projects is to cover a fireplace with a glass tile mosaic. Just imagine the reflection of the fire of the metallic tiles, I can't wait!

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