Friday, June 5, 2009

Taking the "Out" out of Take Out

The other night I hosted a little movie night for
someone special
. I was planning on making
Lo Mein and was thinking about which dishes to use. Since it was a "movie" date, I wanted to be able to eat while watching the movie, so bowls were of course the way to go. I have several different pasta bowls, but none that were really Beef and Broccoli Lo Mein bowls, then it hit me, take out boxes!

I went to Cost + World Market, they had a package of seven boxes for $6.95 that just happened to be 50% off! If I didn't buy the package of boxes, they would have been 99 cents a piece, still a great deal. I was so excited with my purchase that I couldn't wait to serve dinner. Since I found these fabulous boxes in the "dish" area, I didn't even think about them being food safe, well, they are not. Not to worry, another wonderful use for parchment paper. I cut a couple squares of parchment paper and lined the boxes. The paper made them even cuter, they looked like little presents!

The boxes were ready, dinner was ready and I was more than ready to eat. I have to say I will never eat from a ceramic dish ever again on movie night. You hold the box in one hand (trust me, hands were made to hold take out boxes) your chopsticks or utensil in the other, and walaa, instant party! The party thought really got me to thinking, take out boxes would be great for a party. You don't have to serve Chinese in take out boxes. Chips, salads, pastas, smashed potatoes, whatever! Pre-package the food in parchment paper so all your guests have to do is throw the used paper out and grab a new little package of yum, and so on and so much as I love food, I love it even more when it is fun, enjoy!

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