Monday, June 29, 2009

DIY, Who Knew!

I am making a padded headboard for a client, so I was of course doing some research online. I found myself on DIY Network and holy moly, it's freakin awesome! Not only did I find a couple different sets of instructions for the headboard, but there are tons of other things, like how to build a pergola!

The pergola instructions will come in handy some day. I think a couple of pergolas would be fantastic additions to Mom and Dads future home. Pergolas are such a basic addition to a patio either draped with a cool string of industrial lights or a beautiful Wisteria. I haven't met a Wisteria that didn't love a pergola. The directions look so simple, even I could make it!

The next article was "Top 10 Uses for Vinegar". I know I can't make vinaigrette without it, but what else does it do? Well, it's pretty powerful stuff, but you'll have to read the uses yourself. It's crazy to think that we actually consume this multi-tasking liquid, but hey, after eating a salad, your insides will be clean and mildew free, but they didn't provide any vinaigrette recipes?

Truly, the DIY Network site is amazing, whatever you want to do , you will most likely find it here! You can get instructions for installing a chair rail, hardwood floor, lay a brick paver patio, deck stairs, build a stone fire pit...I love it! A definite reference.

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