Monday, June 1, 2009

Palm Springs

I was perusing through the May 2009 "Metropolitan Home" today. In the WORD section, they recommended this amazing looking hotel, Ace Hotel & Swim Club. I was immediately drawn to the picture, the room is just so cool looking! The walls between the bedroom and sitting area are huge canvas curtains. Okay, the rooms look amazing, but it is Palm Springs. One would expect to pay upwards of at least $500 a night for a cool pad in P.S., but nooooo...doubles start at $89!

The other thing that is drawing me to this place is the fact that it is a transformed vintage Howard Johnson. One of my dreams has always been to revamp an old 50's-60's motor lodge. You know the kind, single story, out in the middle of nowhere, with Norman Bates checking you in. My motel would be so swanky, a totally destination spot, a complete joy to stay in. A place to take one back in time...

I went to Palm Springs for a friends bachelorette weekend about 10 years ago. We stayed at The Orchid Tree Inn, one of the coolest places ever. It was a retro style bungalow with the pool right outside the back door. You couldn't help but think about the good ole days when Palm Springs was the hot spot for Hollywood stars to escape. The landscaping on the grounds was very lush, with lots of orchid trees, which made for a nicely secluded destination. Sadly enough I just read online that the The Orchid Tree Inn is no more. Hopefully somebody will purchase and re-vamp the fabulous bungalow, hmmm, that gives me an idea!

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