Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Baaack!!!

Wow, I cannot believe that I have not blogged in almost 3 weeks. Sooo sorry, I have been a bit consumed with some things, but I'm back baby!

I took a long weekend for Fathers Day and went home to Bayfield, a small town in Colorado near Durango. Other than hangin with the fam, I did do some work. Mom and Dad are building a house. We have only been working on the plans for about 2 years now, but who's counting? I drew up the initial plans and they have finally taken them to an architect for the final drawing, woo-hoo!

I have to admit it has been a little trying at times making everyone happy. I of course have been the voice for Mom, which is hard since I am a clone of Dad. I had to convince him that the garage needed to be near the kitchen and pantry so she would not have to schlep the groceries through the house. We split the difference, two garages. I mention this because things often get over looked when planning a house.

I spoke of this in an earlier blog; builders placing the fireplace right next to the built in t.v. cove. There are too many builders who are given say 2,000 sq. feet to make a house without any thought of how a person lives. I recently had a client with a decent size great room. I wanted to pull the sofa from the wall so the conversation area would be a little more cozy. It worked, until I saw the lamp cords stretching from the end tables to the wall.

I am very excited to see that we are nearing the final stages of the of the plans for Mom and Dad's home. I am also very excited that my turn to design the interior is about to begin, but man, I have a lot of little details awaiting me. Not only the style details, but the technical details as well, like outlets in the floor! This is why my former instructor rode me on the technical stuff, thanks Lori! I am very excited to help create Mom and Dad's dream home, and if I happen to get published...let's just say that's my dream.

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