Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Art as the Heart

I was working today, doing some research, okay looking through magazines, but it is a required task for my profession, man I love my job! There was an article in Elle Decor, June 2009, about an artist, Jules de Balincourt. The above painting captured my attention and wouldn't let go. I was on that beach, camping in that tent with a full moon above...
I love art that creates a mood, a feeling, a room. The colors in this painting are absolutely breathtaking. The room I would create would be loungey cool. I would paint the walls and ceiling a glossy midnight blue. Throw a grass rug down for texture and to keep the beachy vibe. The sofa would be a dark aqua, but very streamlined, something from the 50's. A few beachy striped floor pillows to keep it relaxed, AAAUGH, I LOVE IT!
I have always used art as a start for a room. My favorite artist is Georgia O'Keeffe. A client doesn't have to love or even like the content of an O'Keeffe painting, but her use of colors was amazing. I myself love the content of her paintings, from her early New York work to her life in New Mexico. It wasn't just her use of color, but there is such a fluidity to everything she painted. Yes, a lot of her paintings are quite sensual, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
So look around your home. Did you buy a piece of art because you had to have it, was it a hand me down or a Nagel left over from the 80's? If you said yes to the Nagel, call me! Maybe you aren't really into art at the moment, but wait. Art calls to you when you least expect it, you will know the right piece. When you find that piece, watch how it makes a room come alive. Respect it. You may need to make some changes to the room because chances are the art is more a part of you than the sofa you sit on.

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