Thursday, February 3, 2011

food for thought: a stylish super bowl par-tay

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us once again, but if you are not really a fan of either team playing, ones focus turns to...

food! Oh, and the commercials too. There is at least a common color between the two teams this year to make setting a stylish spread easy, can you guess what it is?

Now, what to serve? As much as I love party food, healthy eating is still at the back of my mind. If I were hosting a Super Bowl Party this year, I would serve an assortment of goodies like chili, a couple of dips, artichoke pizza, broccoli spears and grilled chicken tenders. My guests can bring the really decadent stuff!

Beverages would be an assortment of beer. We are so lucky here in Colorado to have so many incredible micro breweries, the choice of beer is endless. Although the game is in the late afternoon, there is nothing better than a Bloody Mary any time of day on Sunday. And for those who are not beer drinkers, a different carbonated beverage in the form of Prosecco would be available.

A stylish and accessible set-up for the food is quite simple; levels. By placing food at different levels, you create more space on the table for the spread. I have blocks that I use, but stacks of books covered with a cloth napkin work fabulously as well.

  • Two 8 oz. cans refrigerated crescent dinner rolls

  • 3/4 C prepared Hidden Valley Ranch Milk Recipe Original Ranch Salad Dressing

  • One 14 oz. can artichoke hearts, drained

  • One 4 oz. jar sliced pimentos, drained (I use green chilies)

  • 3/4 C shredded mozzarella

  • 1/4 C grated Parmesan

Unroll dough without tearing; press into 15"x10"x1" pan. Bake at 375°, 10 min. or until cooked through. Combine remaining ingredients saving 1/4 C Parmesan to sprinkle on top. Spread on crust. Bake at 375°, 15 min. Let stand 5 min. Cut into 2" squares. Makes 36.

Broccoli Spears

  • Broccoli
  • Canola oil
  • Garlic
  • Fresh ginger
  • Pepper flakes
  • Rice vinegar

Cut broccoli into spears. Heat oil, about 1-2 T, in a 10 to 12 inch pan. Add garlic, 1 clove, 1/2 T of fresh ginger and pepper flakes, however much you like.

Saute broccoli until tender, yet crispy and bright green. Remove from heat and drizzle with rice vinegar. Serve at room temperature.


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