Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tuesday's treasure: beautifully designed modern cottage

Today's home comes from the pages of Metropolitan Home, September 2008. A Los Angeles cottage with a modern makeover thanks to architect Scott Joyce and designers Tory Polone and Susan Young. There are many things about this home that I love; the grey stucco exterior, white slab steps, the windows, windows, windows...
the custom chinoiserie room dividers. Built-in room dividers were quite prevalent in the 50's and 60's. I love room dividers and seriously hope they make a comeback, I promise to do my part. They are such a simple architectural addition, but their impact is nothing but.
The openness of this home is spectacular, as is the view.
A beautiful blend of furniture; Hollywood Regency inspired chairs with a heavy Tuscan table, a lovely balance. And the Foscarini Caboche chandi is the cherry on top.

The minimal streamlined kitchen and master bath, both modern and elegant. What I wouldn't do for my own supply of kumquats.

The master bedroom is pure Hollywood Regency perfection.
The large windows and open floor plan make the gorgeous yard an extension of the interior. A truly awesome modern cottage, inside and out.
You like?

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  1. stunning!
    Happy Wednesday!



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