Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tuesday's treasure(s): fresh, unexpected color scheme

I wish I could get paid for reading blogs. After spending a couple of hours catching up on my favorites, I remembered I had my own to do! I didn't find one particular home to feature today, so I decided to run with a really cool color scheme; red, turquoise, black and white...and wouldn't you know, 2 of the 3 photos came from Domino. The 1st bedroom is pure eye candy, every detail of it, especially the most perfect robins egg blue on the walls. It is Pratt and Lambert Lost Oasis, oasis indeed!

While this last room does not boast a lot of red, it is there in small doses and more could definitely be added, perhaps a red pillow in each of the chairs?

I don't personally do red in my home, but I am intrigued by this scheme so much that when I have a house to play with...I'm thinking maybe even a kitchen, powder room for sure, but as a kitchen it would be way unexpected!

Any thoughts on this scheme?


  1. Hi,
    Just added you to my blog-roll. Saw your comment on Lissa's blog.
    (That first bedroom photo with the twin beds is perfection!)

  2. Hey! Glad I could bring you and Anita together.
    I love this color scheme....I have been looking to add more red into our new place.

  3. Anita, that photo is total perfection!

    Lissa, can't wait to see what you come up with for your new place, how exciting!

    This fun little color scheme is my inspiration for today's style board...


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