Tuesday, September 25, 2012

classic movie interiors: "who was that lady?"

While stretching this morning, I was treated to an amazing set design that just made me absolutely giddy!  Thanks to the awesome oldy but goody  Antenna T.V. channel, where I get my nightly Hitchcock fix, I found the apt. home of my dreams!
 The 1960's film, "Who Was That Lady" with Dean Martin, Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, James Whitmore and many, many more.  The set designer was James Crowe, and I think him to be brilliant!
 Tony and Janet live in a one bedroom apt.; the living area is on one level, the kitchen on another and the bedroom is a loft!  They have a huge wall of bookshelves, with a library ladder to boot.  Lots of art for a super salon wall.  The decor is the perfect balance of curvy Hollywood Regency, clean modern lines and lots of stylish worldly goods.  Take note of the hanging fixtures in the kitchen and loft.
 The photos are not great, I cut them from a clip on YouTube, but you get the idea of how classically stylish this home is!

Stairs up to the kitchen, love the white brick wall.  Janet is rocking her LBD like nobodies business!
I'm so loving the little metallic Chinese cabinet in the foreground.

Notice the curtain beyond the brick wall?  I'm guessing there is a balcony on the other side of it.
An unfortunately fuzzy pic of the bedroom loft, but isn't the lighting fixture stunning?!


  1. Miss Conrad, how cool of you to discover this much overlooked film featuring the charms of Dean Martin and company. Know that your reflections are being shared this day at ilovedinomartin.

    1. Oh Dino, I am soooooo happy to have discovered this movie! Great cast, set design and marvelously entertaining. I ordered the DVD!


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