Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Musings...Classic Beauty, My Muses

I have a definite thing about the mid 50's to 60's, interior decor, fashion and beauty icons. One of my favorite beauties from that time was Briggite Bardot. I think she was absolutely gorgeous, sexy and cute, the ultimate sex kitten. The photo above is my all time favorite because you see the real Briggite, natural hair and natural face, simply stunning.

Yes, these beauties were natural, even with heavy smokey eyes, something I simply haven't been able to achieve, but am not afraid to try. I have nothing against celebrities today, but if had to emulate a celebrity, I would have to pick someone from the aforementioned time period. Hair was sexy, fashions were classic and these beauties oozed confidence.

Ursula Andress was the first, and my favorite, Bond Girl, Honey Ryder. She was strong, confident, athletic and of course sexy. Who wouldn't want to be her?

Then of course we have the Princess herself, Grace Kelley. She was the ultimate classic beauty. She was just class, plain and simple. Other than her beauty and style, she had the most incredible speaking voice. I am just so grateful that Alfred Hitchcock was so taken with her. My favorite Hitchcock movie, and perhaps my favorite movie of all time, "Rear Window". Ms. Kelley is sophisticated, demure, sassy, adventurous and her wardrobe, simply fabulous.

Classic, simply classic. Who's your favorite beauty?

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