Friday, May 20, 2011

friday musings: daydreaming

After what seems like months of rain, well, a week plus at least, the glorious sun has finally shown his smiling face...for a little while at least. With the wet cloudy days, comes thoughts of escaping to sunnier climates with a different kind of wet... Beach Days Vintage Metal Art Sign

The Chairman, one of my favorite leading men, wearing his favorite color,

International Poster

Aaah, Mr. Grant, another favorite leading man, in Cannes,

Well duh, as if I couldn't include my muse! Ms. Bardot frolicking at Cannes Beach

Clearly I need to getaway...

Have a great, even dreamy, weekend!



  1. oh, where is the sun?! fun post.

    have a great weekend doll.

    amateur couture

  2. I love those vintage prints! The one for the French Riviera is my fave.

    The weather in Vancouver has been such a tease. Friday it was beautiful, followed by 3 inches of rain on Saturday.


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