Monday, April 20, 2009

Arranging Furniture

I was working on a floor plan for a client today, so of course I thought it would make a good blog. Does furniture, namely sofas, have to be put against a wall? And the answer is...NO! There are times when a room is on the small side and the wall is the only option, but I'm talking about when a room is spacious and can accommodate a sofa on an angle, it's unexpected and fabulous! My sofa is actually on an angle. If I had it up against the wall, the room would not be cozy. I actually have my bar behind the sofa, it is a little like a separate room.

Now furniture doesn't necessarily have to be on an angle, but it also does not have to be against the wall. "Floating" furniture creates a grouping. A grouping brings us to the "3 C's": a Cohesive, Comfortable, Conversation area.

Take a look around, if a room doesn't have all "3 C's", I recommend you experiment with the space, it's a simple way to make a big change. If you have indentations in your carpet from heavy pieces, rub an ice cube over these spots, a suggestion from Martha...

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