Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paint Is Your Friend

One of the funnest ways to add color to a room is to throw some paint on to a piece of furniture. I'm not talking about a walnut armoire passed down from generation to generation, but inexpensive, thrifty Craigslist finds. The piece shown here was actually a bottom half of a hutch, I now call it a buff-utch. It was painted a high-gloss white, not my style.

I started with random spots of rust, brown, ivory and dark green before the main color of celedon. I love how the base colors peak through to give the buff-utch some depth. I changed out the white pulls to coral crystal ones which will soon be changed to metal flower pulls for summer.

Pick a color you have already in the room or add a new one. Paint a stool, side table, chair or even a basket for a new splash of color. The best thing about painted furniture is that when you want a change, you just paint it again!

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