Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Musings: Fashion Confusion

Every year, I always switch out my clothes and shoes the first week of Spring and Fall. I was going to do my Fall switch today, but our weather here in Colorado has been so fantastic, so not Fall like, I decided to put it off. Then the confusion set in...
I decided to catch up on Fashion Week at The designs were beautiful, some even breathtaking, I wanted to go shopping, but there is a catch, the fashions are for Spring 2011, not Fall 2010. The dress above had me daydreaming about riding a horse, named Ringo, on a beach to meet a handsome man for a romantic dinner...learn more about Ringo and other horses available at

There will undoubtedly be snow between now and Summer 2011, but knowing what fashions await me on the other side of the icicle, I think I'll manage just fine.

Have a great 1st weekend of Fall!


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