Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesdays Interior: ELLE Decor Archive

This weeks home is the apartment of fashion designer, Julie Anne Quay. The apartment was designed by Richard Mishaan. One of the aspects that I love about the home is that the rooms are all different. The sectional above is amazing. It looks like velvet, but it is actually silk. I may have mentioned before, I am very picky about sectionals. I prefer them with bench seats; they are more comfortable and stylish. This sectional is perfect!
The dining room is just cool. If you have a fantastic art collection, such as this one, when displaying, more is definitely better.

I am so enamored by the glitzy screen above. It is a vintage screen by Paco Rabanne. Not exactly obtainable to the masses, but there are mirrored beaded curtains available to replicate the look.

The ceiling in the library is gold-leaf paper by Stark, such an amazing effect. Who new a library could be sexy?

What a fresh master suite. The glossy walls are the perfect touch. The room just glows with the all the white furnishings reflecting off the walls.

A truly splendid home.

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