Wednesday, October 6, 2010

style board: operation coral pillow

I had so much fun with the style boards for the Fall Color Trends 2010, that I have decided to continue, whether with a trend or an attention grabbing item. This week it is an attention grabbing coral pillow...I spotted this pillow on I love the color and the subtle quilted pattern. Coral looks amazing with grey, but I wanted to warm it up a bit, so when I found the chandi at Horchow. Hello, Tiffany Blue and coral, a no brainer. The gold tones in the shells led to the bamboo table due to it's warm color, texture and overall fabulousness. I threw the brown in for extra depth, okay, because I had to feature the Zinc Bar from

This room has a good color range to shift into Spring/Summer. Toss in some more Tiffany Blue, remove the grey velvet drape, and voila!

Does it work for you?

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