Tuesday, October 19, 2010

style board: traditional challenge

Nothing is harder for me to do, I literally quiver in my skin when I hear the word traditional... I have a new client whose home has a few traditional touches, not a lot, and the furniture is on the contemporary side, an easy mix. So the style is by no means 100% traditional. I think the "traditional" that I am seeing as a challenge is the white trim, white wainscot and white built in shelves.

I'm starting in the family room which looks similar to the photo above. "K" is definitely wanting to change the color from the soft neutral that it is. She likes greens and blues and has this beautiful set of plates that are a dark delft blue with olives, creams and rusts. My plan is to change the main walls to a medium olive while keeping the trim, wainscot and shelves white. But to decrease the "white wall of shelves", I'm taking another cue from the plates and applying a dark delft blue to the backs of the cubbies.

I will remove a couple of shelves and hang smaller pictures within the cubbies as well as various vases and objects. "K" has a start on accessories, but there are a lot of shelves...gosh, I guess I'll have to go shopping ;)

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