Monday, August 16, 2010

Fab Find of the Week: Shagreen Desk

I took some time today to go through the Aug./Sept. Lonny mag, This fantastic desk was shown in the Elegant Upgrade article."Shagreen is a type of leather or rawhide consisting of rough or untanned commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays." It is rough and was "traditionally prepared by embedding plant seeds in the untreated skin while soft...leaving the surface of the leather with small indentations", source, Wikipedia. I have seen many Shagreen items this past year. It is a visually and texturally cool leather, not to mention pricey. I have seen it priced anywhere from $40, for a faux Shagreen waste basket and up to $12,000 for a stunningly beautiful dining table.

The desk above is from, and it is a steal at $399.91. That is why it is a "Fab Find"!

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