Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let Me Just Say Wow...Domino Archives

This loft, from domino, October 2008, is a fantastic blend of industrial-contemporary-glam, while staying comfortable and homey...The exposed beams, pillars and pipes are what true lofts are all about, as well as the openness of the space. The blend of casual, yet contemporary sofas and chair. The touch of glam with the beautiful, over-the-top chandi over the dining table along with the glitzy, almost disco-y gold, mod coffee table. One of my favorite features of the room are the built in bookcases. Books are hard to do, I know, especially in a room that isn't an office or library. But with the mix of stacks and leans, these books become art, in and of themselves.
Again, a great blend, a clean-lined contemporary kitchen that opens into a great great room.

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