Friday, August 6, 2010

Let Me Just Say wow...Bedroom WINDOWS

On Wednesday, when this blog was due, I wanted to feature a bedroom I am obsessed with, but I can't find it! I am still searching through books, tear sheets and my library of past mags, but as of this moment, no luck, so I found fabulous replacements! The bedroom I was obsessed with had windows for walls, I believe it was in NYC, but now I am not so sure, and lucky for me, the bedroom above is a fantastic substitute.

This room does not need a lot of styling and decor due to such an amazing view, the windows are the focal point of the room. I do love the ceramic stool for a the bedside table. The curves and gloss of the stool with the ease of the linen colored bedding add just the right amount of interest to add to the overall look without taking away from the splendor of the windows.Blue has never really been a color for me in my personal decor, but this room is something I would gladly take for a spin! The Petrie chairs and ottoman from Crate & Barrel have always been a favorite of mine and even more so now. Again, the windows are the focal point of this room, but the overall style is amazing, so pulled together and polished.

Hey, I have a thing for windows in bedrooms, big windows that is! Along with windows, I have an obsession with white interiors, but with a long haired black do the math. This room is so classic, glamorous and contemporary. The color palette is cool, but the room is so peaceful, and that window, love, love, love!

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