Monday, April 18, 2011

fab find: walnut wallpaper

The creative bug has been nibbling on me lately, not for clients, but for myself. Since I am currently renting, there won't be any type of permanent change, but I can certainly add some flair elsewhere... and the bar will be the recipient of this creative itch.

The bar is Mom's vanity, her high school graduation present. The top is glass with a piece of plexi underneath, so I can easily sandwich objects between the two surfaces. Currently there are a few silk flowers, but I believe a change is needed.

I found the papers above at Walnut Wallpaper. While fabulous wallpaper is not inexpensive, samples are. The six papers above are my choice for the bar project, six out of many, many, many fantastic patterns. I foresee a few other projects stemming from wallpaper samples; framed as art, a collage within bookcase shelves, matting, etc.

Any other creative, crafty ideas?

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