Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday's treasure: contemporary country home, decor spring/summer 2008

The Maryland condo of designer Catherine Bitter, is a lovely example of contemporary design with country influences... clean-lined built-ins accessorized with country goodness; wire, pottery and cast-iron.

Easy living slip-covered furniture sets the tone for a relaxed yet oh so classy and elegant way of life.


  1. Such a relaxing space. I love the bookshelf cubbies and that they have kept them somewhat sparse. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi Lissa,

    I too like the cleanliness of the cubbies, they are a great size for that. Unlike the big shelves I have to accessorize for a client this afternoon :/

    Hope you are getting settled!

  3. I'm a huge sucker for all-white rooms, which is really odd since my house is the opposite! Or perhaps that is WHY!

    The shelves are left so simply -- is that even realistic? I know i'd never be able to put so few items on my shelves, right??

  4. Hi Erika,

    I too long for at least one all-white room someday, but I love color! Especially the grey in your dining room!

    I think since the shelves are smallish, the single item approach works. It is perfect. I just did some shelves for a client big shelves. They actually had single items in a couple of them...hence the reason for me re-styling them ;)


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