Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tuesday's treasure: multi-style home, decor spring/summer 2008

The home of designer Jane Ellison is a perfect tutorial on how to marry multiple styles...sleek, mod side table, glam suede daybed, elegant silk drapes and gilded frames. Throw in a sisal rug and place a beautiful piece of art on the floor; the space also has a casual feel.
The global aesthetics of the room play so nicely with the glam textures, a harmonious balance.

The bedroom, pretty and calming, simple and somewhat understated, until you look up...then it is WOW!
Being a huge fan of Venetian plaster, my favorite feature of the master bath would be the walls.
The outdoor living space is a fabulous retreat, with clean lines and architectural accents. And the grass canopy? Love it!


  1. What gorgeous home! I love all of the soft colours - it's very unifying.

    xo, Vanessa Elizabeth

  2. Hi Vanessa Elizabeth,

    It is a lovely home, relaxed gorgeousness!

    Have a beautiful week!



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