Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fab Find of the Week: Utility Bags

I, like the majority of our female population, have a thing for handbags. I use a different bag every month and when my go-to June bag (a dragonfly silk messenger bag from Chinatown in N.Y.C.) had a blowout, I did some shopping. There are of course some fabulous designer handbags out there, but when you change your bag out monthly, well, it is not economically sound. Not to mention I like things that are different, like me! I have been coveting the bag above for some time now. It is designed in Australia, inspired by the bags that ranchers use in the outback. It can absolutely be dressed up with a scarf, a couple of broaches, or a flower pin, if one so desires. The price of this fabulous bag is a jaw dropping $69.95, available at http://www.backinthesaddle.com/.

The next great "non-handbag" option are the tool bags from Klein, another must have for me. The "camo" bag will be great for fall, available in three sizes, prices ranging from $52.00 to $59.75. I absolutely adore the stylish utilitarian looks of the Klein bags and talk about sturdy. The bag below is available in various sizes with prices from $48.75 to $58.25.

The Klein tool bags can be found at www.mytoolstore.com.

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