Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let Me Just Say Wow...Grey

I am a huge fan of grey, it is the most versatile and hip neutral around. Yes, it is sexy, it is also glamorous and grown-up. It can be paired with a bright color such as yellow, coral or turquoise, but when paired with a bright color, it helps to ground it. It is gorgeous with smokey plum, and I am going to do a grey, smokey plum and coral scheme...someday! I am doing a grey room for some clients, but it will be grey, ivory and a touch of turquoise, some black lacquer and a touch of gild.

The room above is a classic elegant contemporary style. I love the 50's glam of the accent chairs and the casual fun texture of the side table.

The screen wall behind the bed is fabulous. The clean lines of this room are very sophisticated, possibly a little more manly for some, but it could be feminized with a lovely hand painted silk on the screen.
Again, this dining room is quite classy and contemporary with the clean lines, the pop of ivory with different shades of grey.

Ahhh, the pop of coral, the contemporary table and art, I cannot imagine a more fitting color for the backdrop. And those side chairs, gorgeous curves, I need to do more research to see what they are made of, they are fantastic! Can you picture with a touch of plum? I can ;)

My fondness for yellow and grey is no secret. This bed and bath is simply stunning! I do love the yellow barn door...and the nubby throw, the little chandi over the tub...what a great design.

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  1. simple and perfectly chic!


    hope you stop by and say hello.


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