Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trend Tuesday: "DISCONTINUED"

Today's trend was not exactly a good one, but it was mine. The console above was from West Elm. It was the perfect console for a client, but it is "gone, baby gone". After another hour of searching the world wide web for a rattan console...I found a fabulous substitute, not rattan, but fabulous nonetheless, at Crate & Barrel.

Now the console was not as tough of a find as the chair. I wanted a certain look: wicker or some woven grass with wood and removable cushions to re-upholster. After many hours of shopping, I stumbled upon this one from Grandin Road. The name of the chair, "Tamara", search over, NOT...

I did find another, but man, what a frustrating day. I do not likey the "DISCONTINUED" trend, this is a trend that needs to be banned to the island!

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