Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Let Me Just Say Wow...Modern Country

I wanted to go through some magazines for ideas today, but I have gone through all of my current ones, since there are not many available anymore. There are however some great ones online, but I wanted to be outside and since I still have a connection that comes out of the wall and plugs into my computer...I'm so old fashioned! However, I am happy to say that my tastes are not old fashioned. Some of the ideas I liked back then, well, me likey no more. I even had a mag from 1991, it provided not one tear sheet. I forgot how popular maple was, it was everywhere!

I did find this cute little modern country room in "Country Home", July/August 2003 that would absolutely work nowadays as well. The comfortable slipcover sofa; the mid-century stainless steel industrial carts; the straight lines of the 1920's garden chairs; the very contemporary glass cocktail table; the fabulous texture of the jute rug and the coir panels. I absolutely love the coir mesh panels! I immediately jumped online to find the coir mesh and believe it or not, they are used in landscaping to keep the ground from eroding, huh, who would have thought?

I already have a project that I want to use them in, the Rocky Mtn. contemporary/beach home. The windows are tall and privacy isn't a priority, so I am going to pair the coir mesh with sheer white panels, talk about texture! I better come up with other uses since I will be getting 216' of this stuff (, maybe I should do some landscaping on the side?

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