Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food for Thought: Taco Trucks!

Porter, my four legged assistant, and I love Thursdays. We spend the afternoon at the Colorado Horse Rescue, then cool off with a beer at Oskar Blues with Aunty Al. Now Oskar's has very tasty food which I nibble on from time to time, but Thursday is "Taco Truck Day", and has been for three years now, when they don't hide on me!

Since leaving Northern San Diego County I have missed many things, friends, family, the beach, Trader Joes and Juanitas in Leucadia. But I am happy to report that when a friend and I stopped at "Dos de Oros" on Colfax one day, it was love at first bite! The Carne Asada is fantastic, although my regular (they see me coming and have it ready for me!) is a bean and cheese burrito. Bean and cheese burrito and jalapeno carrots, gotta have the carrots! There were times in Cali that I would be craving the carrots and had to buy a burrito since the carrots were gratis.

This is not my taco truck, this is one in San Francisco. If you happen to see this one, or one wherever you are, I highly recommend giving it a try, it's a truly yummy addiction...


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