Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Musings: Equestrian Style, Part 2

Here they are, my very fashionable Grandparents. The top two pictures are the Conrads, Walter "Gramps" and Lillian "Nanna". Gramps is the man who taught me everything I know about horses, but I have to say, the only boots I ever saw him wear were cowboy, but he pulled off the lace up look quite well!

Nannas pants look to be true jodhpurs with the traditional hip flair. I love how Nanna & Gramps both have a little bit of their winter socks peeking out at the top, something I think we will be seeing in the upcoming seasons, not to mention the Buffalo Plaid she is sporting.

The other pictures are of the Brennans, Ed "Grandpa" and Hellen "Grandma". Grandpa and Grandma used to take weekend drives for picnics, and they always dressed well for them. I am not aware of Grandma and Grandpa ever riding horses, they certainly were not equestrians, but they looked fabulous for their outings.

I miss my Grandparents dearly, but I am so happy to have these photos to help influence my style. Now, time to start shopping for my jodhpurs and lace up boots!

This is how I remember Gramps :)

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