Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let Me Just Say Wow...Sexy Interiors

After coming across this bathroom in "Thom Filicia Style", it got me thinking. This is not the 1st time I have written about "sexy interiors", so I think this will definitely be a reoccurring subject, and a focus for my business. Sexy interiors are made up of different components; warm, sleek, comfortable, dark, smooth, reflective and texture to start with.

Let's begin with warm: the walls practically hug you with their honey color. I'm not sure of the material, but it is natural, perhaps bamboo. The soaking tub is sleek yet warm being that it is copper, and the mesh lampshade! Thom said it best, "...a wire mesh shade becomes lingerie for your lighting.", indeed! The mirrored tile border at the top of the walls is stunning, along with the leaning wall mirror, they make up the sleek, reflective and smooth elements of sexy. Comfortable, the tub naturally, soaking tubs are amazing. Dark, well, even though the room is unbelievably warm there are still some dark elements to it as well. So many different textures make up this fabulous bathroom.

The dining room above was designed by Madeline Stuart for Dan and Luana Romanelli. No, this room really has no dark elements to it, but I can just picture it at night, naturally dark with fantastic lighting. The warmth and texture of the different woods and textured light walls, add to the comfort of the room. The gilded lamps, mirror and crystal chandelier are not only shiny and reflective, but they bring a touch of elegance to a rather non-formal, comfortable and laid back dining room. Absolutely inviting.

I was reminded of the beauty and importance of mirrors today while I was at Blondies (Cherry Creek North) getting a fabulous haircut by Cameron. Blondies has large framed mirrors leaning on almost every wall in the salon. Simply put, mirrors are sexy. Mirrors help us to see who we truly are, inside and out. They feed our confidence, and confidence is sexy.

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