Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let Me Just Say Wow...Domino Archives

I prefer to have my blog written by 5 p.m., but after 5 has its perks, I get to enjoy a glass of deliciously refreshing Mediterranean white ;) I had a busy day today preparing a style board for a client, but luckily I spotted this room yesterday while doing research. This "casually elegant" apartment was created by the owner herself, fashion designer, Beth Blake.

I am a huge fan of casual elegance, also known as "contemporary elegance" in my language. This room is so beautiful, yet comfortable and sexy. The sofa and snakeskin coffee table, sexy. The goat-hair rug is scrumptious, and sexy, I just want to be barefoot on it. I swear the mirror was made for that wall and the mantel...fantastic arrangement! We don't often see lamps on a mantel, we should, and I promise to do my part, to bring "sexy back" to interiors and find homes for lamps on mantels.

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